• Batab Sanat Ojan Company (BSOCO)

    Batab Sanat Ojan Company consisted of technicians, designer and Executive engineers and specializing in the field of water and wastewater systems, including transportation and refining, aiming at providing community health and sanitation, as well as emphasizing the need for water issues to serve the country and all of the world.This company has started its activities in urban, industrial and hospital water and wastewater departments with the help of past research and executive records, and has brought with it new experiences with innovation. Due to this, design, implementation and use costs Vector has reduced the maintenance of the facility.Also, in the sale of equipment, the company has been able to start its activities in consulting, sales and repair departments based on experts specializing in equipment know-how and aiming to help improve and improve the country's water and wastewater industry, as well as with commitment It's a step in the after-sales service.Therefore, in order to advance the strategic goals and with the help of managing the engineering and proper use of existing capacities, the company will lower the cost of running, operating and maintaining the facilities, as well as improving the quality of drinking water and treated wastewater in various industries. With the reuse approach, it puts forward its work and, based on the principle of resistance, strives to reduce the costs of this important principle in the direction of public health and a slight contribution to the improvement of the health status of the community.